Friday, July 15, 2011

Almost Done....

So its crazy, we have now lived in our place for 7weeks. With a list of things we wanted to do about 3 miles long. BUT we are almost at a place of being pretty done. Done enough that anyone could come over and think we were don't (we will probably never be TOTALLY done, we all love a good project)

There will be LOTS of post and pictures of stuff to come in the next few weeks of all the fun stuff we have done and the pretty after of it all.

Here's a quick list of things we have done/bought. 

We got a new couch!
New rugs.
Bought lots of pillows.
Dressed the windows.
Made a wood pallet a coffee table.
Painted furniture.
Recovered dining room chairs.
Hung LOTS of frames.
Along with painted LOTS of frames.
And sooooo much more.
We are excited to show off them semi finished space. So keep an eye for post to come :)

But here is a small preview on how the place is looking!!!


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